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Code of conduct

This code of conduct is binding on all members of Christianmums.

To contact the CM Team, go to “members” at the top right hand side of your screen and click on it. Type in CM Team and it will bring up the team profile. You can then click on the “send message” option.

In the first instance, a member in breach of the conduct will receive a warning by PM. In the second instance they will be suspended from posting for a period of time and should there be a third breach they will be banned. Exceptions to this rule include the posting of pornography or other offensive material which will result in an instant and permanent ban.

1. The decisions of the CM Team are taken after much deliberation and prayer. Please respect and adhere to those decisions even if you don’t agree with them. All discipline is done in confidence and will not be discussed with other members under any circumstances, and no correspondence will be entered into.

2. Remember that the other people on this forum are real people with real feelings. Be sure that what you post is sensitive to those feelings. This includes being respectful of other people's points of view, even if they are different from your own.

3. Christianmums welcomes people from all Christian denominations. While we value informative and considerate debate between members of different traditions, we ask that you refrain from having anything in your profile, avatar or signature that might be divisive.

4. Please be mindful of your own privacy and security and that of people you know. You need to be careful that details you post here won't incriminate or embarrass others or yourself. Don't give away your address or other pieces of identification. This forum is an open platform, and anyone using the internet is able to read it. This is particularly pertinent to the CM Kids section, where we ask that CM Kids do nothing to give away their identity, school or locality.

5. CM Kids is for children ONLY. The only adults permitted to post in that section are the CM Team and, when the circumstances warrant, the parents of CM Kids. Christianmums cannot be held responsible for the posts and interactions in this area and we ask that parents be vigilant. Anyone remotely worried about any posts or interactions on CM Kids should notify a member of the CM Team immediately.

6. It is important to be aware that anyone on the forum may choose to keep their identity secret. Therefore, if you know more about them, through friendship, than they choose to reveal on the site - please be extra careful not to give away anything they have not chosen to divulge themselves.

7. Please don't post anything offensive or rude on this site. It will be removed and the person posting it banned with immediate effect.

8. Trolls (people who join a forum in order to be deliberately provocative and to incite anger amongst the members) will be promptly removed.

9. Please be aware of copyright issues. If you wish to quote something or someone here, please just quote a small section, then put a link to the full text, rather than post the whole item. In the Gallery please only post images for which you have the copyright holder’s permission, or make the source very clear in the description.

10. Blatant advertising will be removed as soon as it is seen.

11. Please use only one username on this forum. The use of plural identities by one person on the forum is unhelpful and confusing.

12. New media are designed with connectivity in mind, and many members enjoy the overlap between CMs and Facebook, Twitter etc. However, some members who use these sites work hard to maintain their privacy, so please ensure you have permission before posting something you have read elsewhere, and visa-versa.

13. There is a private messaging system for use by any member of the site. This system is not moderated in the same way as the forum, as it is just that, private, but we do ask that you would be as mindful of the Code of Conduct in your private messages as you are in the main forum area. In the case of the system being abused, it is possible for administrators to see messages which have been sent and act accordingly, which may include removing someone’s ability to send and receive PMs.

14. Permission should be sought from the CM Team before talking or writing about CM in any media.

15. The name Christianmums is reserved for the use of this site only.

16. Official meet-ups that have been publicised on the main forum are encouraged. We value the fact that genuine friendships are made here. However, if meetings are arranged or online groups set up which are not open to all members, please do not post details on the main site. Instead, use the PM system.

17. The CM Team all have families and other commitments besides CMs. Please be patient if we do not act on something immediately – we may not be able to get online. When you PM the CM Team every member of the CM Team will receive an email, increasing the likelihood that one of us will be able to act promptly.

18. The views posted on this site are those of the individuals concerned and neither the CM Team nor Christianmums.com can be held responsible for them.

19. From time to time members’ real life commitments mean they need to leave CMs as they do not have time to participate any more. When this happens, it is enough to simply post a goodbye (if you wish) and then stop posting, just as in any real life community you would simply tell people you were leaving. Deletion will only be carried out in extreme circumstances, such as when a person’s real life or online security is at stake.

20. Tickers can slow some people's computers down, affecting their ability to read and post on CMs and they can be bright, moving or otherwise distracting, making CM's less accessible for some, so they are not permitted as part of a signature. Plain text advertising a pregnancy or other significant event/information are fine and can in fact be very useful, but any tickers found in signatures will be removed and replaced with simple text.

21. Members have the ability to edit their posts for spelling errors etc for up to half an hour after posting. In the main this causes no disruption. However, when threads get heated, if a post is edited for content rather than spelling it can cause a thread to become nonsensical or create false impressions. For this reason we ask that if someone has replied to your post in a thread you do not edit it for content, only spelling etc. Should you feel strongly that you need to change your post please contact a member of the CM Team who can edit it for you should the team deem it necessary.

22. Members should ask the permission of the CM Team before asking CM members to help with research questionnaires, or similar. Anyone who joins to do this without permission will be deleted along with their thread.

23. There is an additional code of conduct for homegroup